Friends of the Border Patrol

Andy Ramirez, Founder

FOBP provided services to all law enforcement officers engaged in any aspect of border security operations. 

Thank You From F.O.B.P.

Dear Friends,

After service to America beginning in 2004, the Friends of the Border Patrol has concluded all business. Accordingly, the FOBP organization's website has been archived here at While other NPOs such as FAIR, NumbersUSA, and others who focus on "immigration reform" have received grants in the millions of dollars annually, FOBP did not.

I have stated all along that there is no need for reforming immigration laws. It's the agencies responsible for enforcing the law who require reform. The agents want to do their job, it's management who has abrogated their responsibility by following policies given to them by the White House who have left their employees endangered and our security compromised.

FOBP was created as an NPO with the goal of supporting the Border Patrol & border law enforcement. It expanded to meet the challenges. However, to meet those challenges, it took money, primarily through grants. The FOBP never reached that economic level to operate in a state of financial wellness.

It must be noted, though I have a family, I received no salary from 2004-2010 while I poured my heart and soul into the organization and cause for that is what Securing America and protecting our BP agents has meant to me. Without a nation, we have nothing and that appears to be what some people want.

FOBP's record of accomplishment is there as we exposed security compromises, collusion by the DOJ and DHS to use Border Patrol agents, and other law enforcement officers as scalps with Mexico City and Red China who pressured DOJ into prosecuting LEOs who did their job. Ramos/Compean are free today as FOBP (and I) led the fight to expose Johnny Sutton when nobody else knew who they were or would consider that DOJ was capable of protecting dopers and human traffickers. Such exposures were possible by releasing them on our website or through reporters like Sara Carter, Jerry Corsi, Diana Washington Valdez, Kimberly Dvorak, as well as by CNN's Casey Wian, Lou Dobbs, Fox & Friends, Hannity & Colmes, Neil Cavuto, Glenn Beck, MSNBC, and TalkRadio hosts across America. However, many of those stories started with my digging up info and providing it to the media.

The time has come to retire the org's debts, too. FOBP has a minimal of debt, about $2,000, meaning just a few utilities and state filing fees. For those who can provide a generous donation please visit our donations link for our mailing address. ALL donations are 100% tax-deductible for income tax purposes. Anyone who can assist, I thank you in advance.

Thanks for the years of support 2004-2010 for it could not have been done without the agents supporting our work and trusting me to speak on their behalf as FOBP Chairman, as well as the trust and support of you, our supporters and donors. If you wish to continue supporting efforts to support America's law enforcement officers, or are an LEO in need of assistance, please do contact me via email I will continue to assist and report security compromises and corruption to the people.

Respectfully yours,
Andy Ramirez, Founder
Friends of the Border Patrol

How We Utilized Your Donations - FOBP's Programs & Activities


People often asked, how did FOBP utilize donations outside of assisting the officers financially? Simply put we conducted investigations that did not always get reported to the media. In all honesty, some issues could not be discussed publicly unless heard in direct testimony before the Congress due to the sensitivity, and confidentiality of the materials involved. Many officers cannot talk over the phone due to the Patriot Act, which requires us to meet in person to discuss things further. It took donations and grants to meet in person with law enforcement officers, observe the borders and ports of entry, and to travel to Washington DC and report often sensitive operational matters to Congressional Committees and leaders. We have provided a partial listing of our many programs and activities so you can get an idea of where the money goes...

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Unjustifiable & Impeachable

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