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The Brian Israel Case
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The US vs. Gary Brugman Case
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War On Law Enforcement Section

For nearly the entire first decade of the 21st Century, we have heard names used such as the War on Terror, Global War on Terror, No Child Left Behind, Compassionate Conservative, and of course Virtual Fence. However, we, at FOBP, discovered one that has been relatively ignored by the media, this being the "War on Law Enforcement."

This particular war has been waged by the current administration governing our country against, not terrorists, or drug and human traffickers, illegal aliens and certainly not against bad cops but against law enforcement officers doing their jobs.

Andy Ramirez, our founder, personally investigated a growing number of cases, some officers of which were maliciously prosecuted, as well as others that involve civil or administrative matters. Some cases, we were able to directly assist, while others were either beyond what we could do time-wise or financially. In one case, the issues were of such a difficult nature that we found ourselves unable to determine if the case was a matter of entrapment or if the government was correct. Considering the jurisdiction in question, either argument would be easy to make but this is why we consult with our many friends in law enforcement.

Our assistance in some of the prosecution type cases are well documented by the media and public. The primary example of a full court press to assist financially and with independent investigation being: US vs. Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos. Others we tried to bring public attention to such as US vs. Robert Rhodes, US vs. Noe Aleman, US vs. David Sipe, and US vs. Stephanie Mohr. With the case of US vs. Gilmer Hernandez, we assisted in many ways that remain much less publicized. Each case brought to our attention we have investigated as much as is possible, and then some. Unfortunately, we learned about Gary Brugman's case well after the fact, something counsel Ron Tonkin indicated might have helped expose a bogus case that was prosecuted resulting in prison.

Over the past few months, we have been monitoring civil and administrative types of cases. The Brian Israel case is an example of an agency trumping up charges against an officer to make up for their own incompetence. FOBP actually heard testimony during the MSPB hearing of Brian Israel where the CBP Customs SES level manager labeled an Algerian student crashing into and damaging an anti-terrorist radiation detection portal (at 70mph) in Champlain, NY to be a mere "accident victim".

Here though we've not even gotten into the in-house corruption and discriminatory practices based on gender, ethnicity, religion, and orientation, one matter of which involves a high ranking officer planting narcotics on a civilian, admitting it, and later being promoted, or the number of officials named for sexual harassment against fellow officers/agents that goes reported without discipline or anything resembling a true investigation. The term as FOBP has learned it is known as "put out or get out," and that is common inside more than one agency and still taking place today.

We've also learned of cases in which not only is security compromised that the level of incompetence is so outrageous as to defy all logic and comprehension. Yet, those responsible continue to be promoted and rewarded, known at CBP among legacy types as "screw up move up." These types are noted for being nothing more than what is called by many Border Patrol Agents (PAs) as "monkey boys" for the brass who are not doing their sworn duties, but instead carry out operational policies for an administration hell-bent on open borders. It is important to keep in mind, instead of a Congress who nearly seven years after 9-11 took place continues to allow these incompetent managers to lead their agencies into disaster.

Where does this leave us today? The same place we were four years ago Clark Kent Irvin was at, which was trying to identify and correct out of control agencies that are desperately in need of massive Congressional oversight hearings as well as the appointment of a "Special Independent Prosecutor" to investigate the very matters we have spent the past few years working to identify and correct.

The only added responsibility we have is the number of agents/officers and their attorneys contacting FOBP for assistance, which we do not have the financial resources for. As stated on the home page of this website, we need to raise $250,000 alone to assist the officers who simply do not have the financial resources to pay the growing legal bills and fees they incur. Simply put, as our clients have told us government attorneys have a 50 million dollar budget with which to secure convictions and terminations of employment. These officers do not and are broken financially long before the government ever would be.

We have posted material about some of the cases we have worked on. This is partially for historical purpose, and also to elaborate as much as possible about the War on Law Enforcement.

Victims of the War on Law Enforcement - Initial List

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