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FOBP purchased several cameras, and launched our FREEDOM (or Free Electronic Domestic Observation and Monitoring) System on April 1, 2006, in San Diego, CA. We tested off the shelf materials over the course of several months and and came up with a camera system that can benefit law enforcement at zero cost to the taxpayers via appropriations to the Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies. In other words, donations would have given the Border Patrol a tool they could've utilized in real time, and was being provided at no cost to the government, that's right not one penny of cost to the taxpayers... FREEDOM, after successful development was terminated due to lack of financial support.

On this page you will find some footage and items taken during the development of our Freedom Camera Project. We hope this gives you a better idea of what our capabilities are. We have posted this footage so you, the public, can get a better idea as to what is taking place along our borders, and to see it is possible and inexpensive.

Stills From Freedom Camera

Smugglers use cutting torch on fence

These still photographs, taken from a mobile camera on the Mexican border, shows how border cameras including our Freedom Camera system works. A volunteer, monitoring his home computer, notices suspicious activity at the border fense. A probable smuggler, shown in the first photograph, is using a cutting torch to cut open a section of fense large enough for vehicles to drive through. The second photograph shows several vehicles gathering, waiting for their opportunity to cross into the United States. The volunteer immediately calls the Border Patrol. Within minutes, as shown in the third photograph, the Border Patrol arrives on the scene and the would-be intruders leave. The fourth photgraph shows a Policia Municipal truck from Tecate, Mexico arriving conveniently after the incident. In the fifth photo we see a close-up taken afterwards, which shows how easily the fence can be cut away in a short time and, if the entire section is removed, how easily vehicles can drive through it. The opening would be large enough for heavy vehicles carry large quantities of narcotics, aliens, or even weapons of mass destruction. A network of cameras across the border is essential for the security of United States.

Click HERE to view pictures of smugglers using a cutting torch on steel border fence in San Diego County