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FOBP Special Events Section

Welcome to our FOBP Special Events Section. Since 2004, when FOBP was first founded, we have held a number of press conferences, and special events including Inaugural National Border Security Conference & Luncheon honoring Judge Ted Poe, Member of Congress. We have also held important meetings between families who are victims of the Bush War on Law Enforcement in such places as Washington, DC, and Texas. Some events we can provide video and still photos of, while others we cannot publish due to security implications.

I have provided two of our events on their own respective pages, to give you an example of what took place. You will be able to easily access each page by clicking on the link provided to you.

2007 National Conference & Awards Luncheon - San Diego

Andy Ramirez presents our FOBP Border Defender of the Year Award to Judge Ted Poe, Member of Congress, accompanied by Congressman Brian Bilbray.

Click HERE to visit our San Diego National Conference & Luncheon coverage

Del Rio Texas Border Investigation

Del Rio Border Sector - Smuggling Route

Click HERE to learn about our Del Rio Sector Border Investigation