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Unjustifiable and Impeachable
The FOBP Report on DHS, DOJ, and the Courts

Welcome to our special section dedicated to our report, Unjustifiable and Impeachable: The FOBP Report on DHS, DOJ, and the Courts. Our report was released on Veterans Day 2008 and as I kept writing, one thought stuck with me throughout, "This is not what our Framers intended, nor what our soldiers have died for since the founding of our Republic". It is with our soldiers and officers in mind, that we present this report on a day of rememberence of those who gave all in service to our nation. If you want to skip ahead to the report feel free to click HERE. Otherwise, we present some background points on our report.

Over the past 4 1/2 years we have investigated America's borders, ports of entry, coastlines, and seaports in order to gain an understanding as to why the Executive Branch of the Bush Administration and the Judicial Branch is not getting it done and you will learn why America's security has been compromised and sabotaged. This report goes beyond the Infamous El Paso Case involving former Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean that started with FOBP bringing it to the public's conscience. That case was Pandora's Box and rather than stay focused on one lone injustice, we kept looking and digging, and the result is this report. It asks questions that Congress and the media have failed to ask George W. Bush, Johnny Sutton, Silvestre Reyes, and others at long last.

If you are looking for a short report with a couple of names, than you are grossly underestimating the magnitude of the level of corruption. A handful of people could never have pulled off what you will learn. This report is filled throughout with the top names and you will learn just what they have done. We have unraveled layers of corruption and cover-ups by those involved in a way that is simple to follow and understand. Just as athletic teams have to buy into a gameplan and philosophy, the same applies here. people involved had to buy into the policies and plans, and you will learn how this happened, who was involved, and where it all points to.

After reading my report covering DHS, and DOJ, with an introduction to the courts, I encourage you to read Volume II of the report authored by John Cavicchi an extraordinary attorney. His report addresses the courts of Miami and you will be shocked by what you learn. Many things happening in America today including the War on Law Enforcement would not be possible if not for the federal courts betraying the intent as written by Thomas Jefferson himself.

I can't thank everyone enough including our board, friends, and my family for all their support through many tough days that kept me away from home. Sandy, Ruben & Marilyn, Mark C., Steve C., Ron T., John C., Jack W. thanks to each of you for your trust and faith. Special thanks to Chief Bill King for teaching me as a civilian what those leading the patrol today have forgotten. I also extend my deepest respect and gratitude over these past four years to those courageous whistleblowers who at great risk entrusted me to tell their story. I hope everyone who reads this report, takes it seriously, and is motivated to action, because those brave law enforcement officers on the line need you as much as we need them. Thank you to all the donors whose contributions made it possible for us to investigate and uncover the contents within this report. We hope you will continue supporting our work - Andy Ramirez, FOBP Chairman and Founder

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Unjustifiable & Impeachable: The Reports & Exhibits

Volume I: Report on DHS, DOJ, and Intro to the Courts by Andy Ramirez
(Exhibits 1-50 Follow the Cavicchi Report)

Volume II: Report on the Federal Courts by John Cavicchi, Esq. (Including Exhibits)

The following exhibits correspond to the Ramirez' Report on DHS, DOJ, and Intro to the Courts

Exhibits 1 - 3 (Exhibits regarding DHS)

Exhibits 4 - 9 (Exhibits regarding DHS)
Exhibit 10 (Exhibit regarding DHS)
Exhibits 11 - 16 (Exhibits regarding DHS)
Exhibit 17a (Exhibits regarding DHS)
Exhibits 17b - 18 (Exhibits regarding DHS)
Exhibits 19 - 23 (Exhibits regarding DHS)
Exhibits 24 - 27 (Exhibits regarding DHS)
Exhibit 28a (Exhibits regarding DHS)
Exhibit 28b (Exhibits regarding DHS)
Exhibits 29 - 32 (Exhibits regarding DHS)
Exhibits 33 - 38 (Exhibits covering DOJ cases)
Exhibits 39 - 50 (Exhibits covering DOJ cases)