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Ramos/Compean Fundraising Report 2006

Donations (as of 12/06):

-Received: $42,100

-Disbursed: $42,100

-BPA Compean: $22,500
(Appeal Fees)

-BPA Ramos: $7,500
(Appeal Fees)


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FOBP Press Releases


Please direct all media inquiries to Andy Ramirez, Founder, by email by clicking HERE

All releases are in Adobe Acrobat format unless otherwise indicated.


PR-1: Former Agents Ramos & Compean released and returning home at last


PR-11: FOBP Denounces Ahern Medal awarded by Secretary Chertoff, which condones compromises and culture of corruption

PR-10: Law enforcement advocates' report uncovers security compromises and corruption within U.S. Government

PR-9: Republican Party Cops Out On Law Enforcement

PR-8: FOBP response to sentencing of Alderete-Davila, doper in Ramos/Compean case entitled: Justice served in El Paso? Hardly

PR-7: FOBP response to Ramos/Compean decision by 5th Circuit Court of Appeals entitled A Question of Credibility in 5th Circuit Decision

PR-6: Ethics Committee receives update complaint against Silvestre Reyes. The complaint was filed in response to Reyes' office questionable request seeking ICE assistance of kidnapped relative in Juarez, Mexico given lack of support for agents and US Citizens. Complaint raises numerous questions on similar issues of inaction, except where Mexico is concerned. Copy to be posted as soon as possible

PR-5: FOBP Files Complaint with House Ethics Committee in response to questionable request by Reyes' office to seek ICE assistance of kidnapped relative in Juarez, Mexico given lack of support for agents and US Citizens. Complaint raises numerous questions on similar issues of inaction, except where Mexico is concerned

PR-4: FOBP Releases National Conference Report and War on Law Enforcement Executive Summary Report following Houston Conference. Reports hammer Executive and Judiciary Branches for compromising National Security, trampling US Constitution, thus creating Constitutional Crisis

PR-3: 2008 National Conference Announcement - Judge Poe to be honored as Border Defender of Year; Guest Speakers include Supervisory DEA, ICE, & Customs Agents (Retired)

PR-2: CBP Testified Algerian who took out national security radiation detectors mere "Accident Victim"; Anti-Semitism Corroborated; CBPO Firing a Sham

PR-1: CBP Officer fights trumped up charges


PR - FOBP demands Cardone recuse self from upcoming doper hearing

* Note: More 2007 Press Releases to be posted...


PR-16 John & Ken welcome USBP Agent Nacho Ramos to Ontario, CA

PR-15 Congressman Jones, FOBP's Ramirez ask Attorney General's office to review Ramos-Compean case & give justice to agents

PR-14 El Paso Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Statement on Ramos-Compean Case

PR-13 9-11 Families Statement on BP agents Ramos & Compean

PR-12 Ramirez to testify before House Judiciary Committee in El Paso

PR-11 FOBP-Ramos Statement

PR-10 FOBP's Ramirez to testify before Congressional Terrorism field hearing in San Diego

PR-09 Ramirez comments on Govenator's visit to SD Border and why it took place

PR-08 Ramirez to speak today on upcoming Congressional hearing and border security

PR-07 FOBP condemns CBP for betraying and endangering US Citizens by supplying intel to Mexican Government

PR-06 FOBP Condemns Mexico's New Drug Legalization Policy

PR-05 FOBP suggests ICE & CBP leaders go back to work after 22 month vacation

PR-04 FOBP calls for Bush to demand People's Republic of China accept own illegal alien nationals

PR-03 Former Senior BP agent joins Friends of the Border Patrol

PR-02 FOBP launches Freedom Cameras to monitor border for military incursions, increasing threats, and narcotic/human traffic

PR-01 FOBP to launch Freedom electronic observation system to monitor military incursions and increasing threats